MICRODONT has been the leader in manufacturing dental products in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for over 30 years. With thousands of satisfied customers in over 60 countries around the globe, we ensure that our premier dental products are of utmost quality and durability. We stay committed to our valued clients with quality, price, and above all outstanding customer service. Our comprehensive selection of dental supplies service the DDS, Dental Hygienist and Dental Technicians alike. Our dental products include Diamond Burs, Diamond Discs, Abrasive Strips, Composite Polishing Kit, Abrasive Silicon Points, Matrix, Air Scalers, Prophy, Mandrels, Composite Polishing Kit, Accessories, Polishing and Finishing Kit, and much more!

Microdont is a leading provider of endodontic supplies and treatment products. We offer everything you need to run your endodontist practice. DDS, Endodontics Specialists and Dental Hygienists who wish to provide excellent endodontic care for their patients trust Microdont’s quality and durable dental supplies, to improve the quality of dental care they provide their patients.

We look forward to continue serving you for many years to come.


To develop and to commercialize dental products that provide better life quality to human being. To offer to our clients a line of dental products that is recognized for its quality and durability and that can provide great value for money. Moreover, to guarantee the proper remuneration for those who invest and work for the company.


To be recognized as a global reference in the manufacture and commercialization of high quality dental products for the Health sector. With focus on technological expertise, financial sustainability, investing in environmental and social responsibility.


Our businesses are conducted according to the following practices:

  • Responsible ethics for enterprise behavior;
  • Commitment with the client;
  • Competitive in the search for innovative and creative solutions;
  • Motivation in the search for great professional performance;
  • Respect for clients, suppliers and employees;
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility.